3000 Deep Betting Blog Edition Number 2

My First Gambling Blog from 3000Deep betting

With the NRL around the corner I’m really looking forward to this season of betting on the game. NRL is a great game with 13 players in each team and 4 on the bench. The best team in the world is the Brisbane Broncos but don’t take my word for it! I’m just a little bit biased because I’ve been following that team for many many years. They have the best players in the world which makes them an easy team to bet on when it comes to betting on online sports. Make sure you go to the best betting sites to get a great bonus deal by the way!

There’s some speculation around Jack De Belin recently which will be abit of a shakeup for the dragons. They’re one of the best teams in the comp and De Belin is one of their best players. What was happening with him when this shit went down? Always thought of him as a normal dude who wouldn’t do anything that he’s been accused of. He’s been asked to stand down from the NRL which he has declined. This makes me think that he hasn’t done anything wrong because he’s continuing the fight. You never know what women out there will say about a famous person to try and get money out of them.

The coach wanted to get him to play this weekend in the charity shield event but because of what’s gone down with his criminal charges he’ll be unable to play.

When it comes to online betting the NRL is very popular as it’s a very popular sport in Australia. It’s popular because it’s a fast paced game which is fun to bet on. It’s not as popular as AFL though which is huge down in Victoria but NRL is dead quiet down there. It’s insane actually to read the sports section of the news paper and you won’t find any NRL news until a very small section in the back.

Who do you think is going to win the premiership this year? It will be a good one to bet on with the favourites being the Broncos as always and the dragons coming in a close second. With some major players now retiring who knows who will win tho to be honest because there’s so many teams you can’t just pick it. Especially with so many injuries that will go on during the year some teams will have completely different players.

Well this has been a great first post and it’s kind of cool to have a website that anyone can come on and read. The blogs will be focused on betting and gambling because that’s where my interests are. But you may also find opinion blogs on NRL and some footy here because that’s a huge interest of mine to bet on. Thanks for reading and look forward to you reading my next blog!

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